Reinstating 90-Day Window for Customer Request Date (CRD) and DSV

Due to supply chain constraints over the past two years, Cisco’s Global Bookings Policy was modified to allow orders with a Customer Request Date up to 180 days after the order booking date and Distribution Sales Visibility (DSV) orders up to 180 days to be accepted.

Now that supply conditions have improved and lead-times for most products have returned to less than 90-days, Cisco’s Global Bookings Policy is being updated to return to a maximum of 90-days between the order booking date and the Customer Requested Date. Distribution Sales Visibility (DSV) rules will also return to the standard practice of a 90-day window for DSV bookings. This change will take effect September 13, 2023.

Steps needed to align to the change taking place on September 13, 2023:

  • Orders submitted on or after September 13, 2023, must have a Customer Request Date (CRD) of 90-days or less from the date the order was booked.
  • Orders submitted with a CRD of 91-days or more after the order booking date will be rejected and will require the CRD to be modified to 90-days or less before the order will be accepted.
  • Under the updated policy, eligible DSV bookings, as outlined in Cisco’s Global Bookings Policy, should be submitted once a distributor receives a partner purchase order with a customer request date within 90-days. As described in Cisco’s Global Bookings Policy: “The distributor is responsible for establishing purchasing criteria for the partner and is responsible for the certification of the purchase order (PO) requirements from the partner for DSV Bookings”. DSV bookings that are not closed via a point-of-sale transaction will expire after 90-days, per the updated policy (currently 180 days).

We want to thank you for your support through this period of severe supply constraint. Challenging events like this, while incredibly taxing for our teams, remind us of the value of our long-term partnerships and the spirit of cooperation that exists between our companies.

If you have questions about this policy change, please contact your Partner Account Manager.