Contract Workers Management Solutions

Looking at the current need of workforce, it is common for modern enterprises to have the flexibility to rely on third party contractor offering skilled and unskilled workers. This helps them meet their specific one-time or regular manpower needs. Traditional methods of managing multiple contractors and large workforce can expose the organization to safety, legal and financial leakages. Additionally, meeting the statutory requirements is an important aspect in Contract Workers Management. Victorock Contract Workers Management solution is designed for large and small organizations to meet their demand of skilled manpower supply and helps in monitoring the contract workers. Meeting statutory requirements is an important aspect in managing contract workers. Victorock Contract Workers Management allows managers and contractors to improve labour productivity and enhance operational efficiency, bringing down overall cost.

Key Features

Profile Creation
  • Contractor Profile
  • Create Contractor’s Profile with Details
  • Create Multiple Work Types and Assign to Contractors


Worker Profile
  • Create and Manage Worker Profile with Details
  • Generate Reports in Government Prescribed Formats
Worker Enrolment
  • Worker Enrolment
  • Supports Identification Credentials for Multiple Workers
  • Workers Enrolled when Entering the Site or Pre-enrolled from the Head Office
Worker Induction
  • Create Multiple Induction Levels
  • Link to Work Orders and Approving Authorities (Managers)
Worker Pass Creation
  • Creation at the Entrance or in Advance by Respective Contractor
  • Variety of Passes based on Worker Profile, Location, Department, etc.
Contractor Web Portal
  • Check Assigned Work Orders and Track its Status
  • Add New Workers and Update their Profiles
Work Orders Management
  • Create Work Orders and Assign them to Contractors
  • Track Status of Work Orders from a Single Window
  • Overview of Work Orders and Worker Status from a Single Window
  • Information of Work Order Status, Active Contractor Detail, Workers’ Attendance Summary, etc.
  • Worker Time-Attendance
  • Create multiple Time-Attendance Policies
  • Manage Shift-Schedules and Overtime
Access Control
  • Prevents Unauthorized Entry in Pre-defined Areas and Routes
  • Advanced Access Control Features
Blacklist Worker
  • Store Data of Blacklisted Workers
  • Prevents Blacklisted Workers from Entering Premises
  • Instant SMS and Email Notifications to Contractors, Workers and Admin
  • Notifications for Exceptional Events
  • Seamless Integration with Third Party Payroll
  • Multiple Methods for Direct Integration
Report Generation
  • Generate Various Reports and Charts
  • Import Database
  • Import Contractor Data
  • Import Work Order and Other Related Information

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