Document Management Solutions

Is your organization hoping to control print costs? Would you like to migrate paper archives and process to electronic workflows? If you have a goal to boost office productivity, improve company efficiency, or meet regulatory compliance, Victorock offers a variety of document management solutions from software to services that help you do more work with less paper. Retrieving, organizing, managing, and protecting documents just became a whole lot easier.

Victorock offers a variety of software solutions and services that help you do more work with less paper

In this day and age, most businesses adopt document management techniques that involve cost, control, and compliance when making the transition from paper-based processes to automated business processes.

At Victorock, we offer superior document management solutions from Fujitsu. Fujitsu is an industry leader in document management software and have the necessary solutions to keep your office automated. With Fujitsu, your business will be able to increase productivity, reduce storage space, improve the availability of documents, ensure document security, and comply with government regulations. By implementing a document management solution, your business will be on the fast track to productivity.

Imaging services convert your paper-based documents into fully digital, easy-to-manage documents, organized exactly how you want. We work with Fujitsu to conduct the digitizing process – from paper document pick up to digital document drop off. After the documents become digitized, they are then stored in a central location, improving the distribution of information to multiple locations and increasing overall security.

Controlling costs can sometimes be hard, especially when it comes to printing in a large organization. However, with partners like Fujitsu, managing your company’s printing just became a whole lot easier.

With Victorock, your business will experience significant benefits through driverless web printing to printing wirelessly from laptops and netbooks. In addition, you’ll appreciate cost control features for copies, prints, scans and faxes, web interface management of users and devices, and securement of confidential documents until printing. These are just a few of the many benefits Victorock can provide to you.

Through Fujitsu’s software, we can manage all of your printers, both remotely and locally on Mac and Windows devices. Fujitsu is an ideal option when you’re printing marketing and branding material and need consistent, high-quality color. It’s the perfect solution when you’re ready to bring your outsourced printing back in-house to save time and money, when producing personalized communications is a necessity, and for reducing wasteful printing and ultimately controlling user print options. Fujitsu offer plenty of additional benefits and options for users that can be customized for your business needs.

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