HP Enterprise Networking

HP Enterprise Networking

The distributed enterprise WAN is in the midst of a vast transformation from traditional architecture to support new hybrid WAN mobility initiatives. Organizations are realizing the need to support new bandwidth requirements that have been propelled by the rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The need for employees to be equally productive and customers to have an uninterrupted user experience is driving retail, financial, healthcare, and hospitality organizations of all sizes to provide the best possible performance and access to resources across the wide-area network. Hewlett Packard Enterprise is highly interested in future proof network switch technology. Their hardware not only solves today’s problems, but also addresses the problems of tomorrow. The goal is for our network devices to be able to handle the huge amounts of network traffic businesses have right now, as well as the increase in network data that will surely come in the future with the advent of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning among others.


A range of high performance modular routers that connect to corporate network. They deliver robust routing, security, switching, and modular WAN/LAN with superior price/performance for small to medium campus and high-end branch locations.

Aruba switches


The networking portfolio is designed to accelerate adoption of mobile and IoT initiatives. Aruba network switch technology addresses this issue by providing high-speed connectivity to all devices. It facilitates every connection so that users have the best experience possible. The switch technology was developed to combat this issue and securely connect multiple device types while still providing the fastest possible data delivery to each. It gives you network visibility so you know exactly what devices are connected and can have the peace of mind that comes with security. Aruba network switch technology isn’t just fast and secure, it’s also incredibly scalable. This means it handles accelerating network traffic efficiently and can be easily upgraded in the event of a traffic increase.

Aruba Clearpass

Network security

Not long ago, enterprise security teams could easily identify the perimeter they were protecting. IT operations would maintain tight control over computing and network resources, such as systems, apps and data their employees could access and use. Today, a number of technology disruptions – mobile, BYOD, virtualization, cloud, big data, and IoT – have rendered a perimeter-based security approach insufficient. Legacy security technologies were designed for yesterday’s threats and environments, not today’s highly sophisticated and targeted attacks. A fresh approach whereby user and device risk is constantly assessed with the help of advanced technology is essential to deal with the increasingly dangerous and fast-changing threat landscape.


Aruba 360 secure traffic

Entity360 represents an entity’s security-relevant activity regardless of data source, devices used or activity type. It includes a risk score (0 to 100) as well as a full security profile with hours worth of investigation available in a single click.

Traffic Analytics

Predict malicious intent through analytics.

Machine learning-based analytics build baselines for normal behavior of both individual entities and groups by continuously monitoring IT activities – like authentication, remote access, internal access to high-value resources and cloud app usage – across network and log data.

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric

Aruba 360 Secure Fabric

Aruba saw the need for a modern approach to designing enterprise security that leverages the power of the network and a full range of advanced analytics including AI-based machine learning. The Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is an enterprise security framework that gives security and IT teams an integrated way to gain visibility, control and advanced threat defense.

Aruba ClearPass gets you agentless visibility and dynamic role-based access control for seamless security enforcement and response across your wired and wireless networks.

aruba airwave

Network management

Predict the health of your network – from the access layer to the data centre – with Aruba AirWave and HPE Intelligent Management Centre (IMC).

AirWave is the only management platform designed with mobile devices and apps in mind. By proactively monitoring the health and performance of all things connected, AirWave lets IT gain the insights they need to support the digital workplace. AirWave lets you monitor client behavior, proactively troubleshoot application issues, and plan for capacity.

As network management becomes more complex, the risks associated with compromised data flow have also increased. HPE Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) delivers comprehensive management across campus core and data centre networks. IMC converts meaningless network data to actionable information to keep your network, and your business, moving.

Access points and controllers

Our enterprise access points have AirMatch, the next generation of Adaptive Radio Management (ARM). This technology optimizes for all environments and makes it possible to have high performance Wi-Fi in high density environments. Rather than assessing the network from a local access point, AirMatch learns about all the access points connected to the network and adapts its RF planning accordingly.

Aruba MultiZone allows for multiple separate secure networks to operate from one access point. This feature is useful for government, airport, retail and university campuses and means easy policy implementation in environments where data privacy, separation and network security are critical.

Aruba’s ClientMatch finds the best network access points for connecting devices, guaranteeing the fastest, most reliable connections. Rather than leaving access point decisions up to individual clients, ClientMatch determines the best radio at the best access point for each client, with the overall performance of the network in mind. Additionally, ArubaOS 8 has cluster capabilities that make sure all devices on the network stay connected in the event of a controller failure.

aruba beacons

Location services

Bring real-time location context to your mobile apps

Aruba Beacons leverage Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology to power indoor location and way-finding, proximity-aware push notifications and other location-based mobile engagement services for enterprise venues. Ramp mobile marketing with integrated, easy-to-deploy solutions for Wi-Fi, location services, BYOD and custom mobile apps. Personalize visitor experiences – from stadiums to conference rooms and everywhere in between.