Begining early 2015, Victorock partnrship with Huawei has been growing steadily. The year-on-year growth has been phenomenal with amazing support from the Huawei Service Team. With focus on Enterprise ICT infrastructure, Victorock works with its channel partners to create tangible benefits for their end clients.

There are five pillars for successful partner enablement which is rapid growth, business driven ICT transformation, cultivate ICT talent, building partner service ecosystems and support the rapid partner services. With over 20% growth every year in diverse verticals, Huawei has been making significant improvements to achieve even more rapid growth. Its power products are not only changing the ICT market but is climbing the global ranks with strong partners ensuring there is continuous business growth.

In the framework of accelerating new ICT services and transformation driven by enterprise businesses, the global economy has seen increasing challenges. Enterprises need to adjust their infrastructures to adapt to innovative technologies such as cloud computing and big data. To improve the online production to real time collaboration operations and decision-making agility and automation to greater heights. New ICT trends on services include IoT combined with cloud platform and hyper-converged infrastructures.

Huawei Channel Manager works closely with Victorock to ensure our engineers within Victorock have enhanced solution capabilities in IP, IT and UC&C technologies.

Victorock, as a Huawei CSP (Certified Service Partner) helps improve building of partner’s service capabilities and solution delivery. With continuous investment in service, Victorock gets viable returns for its partners and differentiates from its competition. By building capabilities with joint development with Huawei, Victorock drives growth in sales, operations, project deliveries and project management. With higher CSP levels, partners will benefit from increased vendor benefits such as greater discounts and rebates as offered by Huawei. Victorock has achieved CSP for the last four years; these value-added services help boost relationships with partners and end users who keep coming back for professional onsite and remote services.

Huawei’s online tools such as eDeal and eISDP helps in supporting rapid partner service growth. eDeal aids in expanding sales opportunities by lead collection and early deal registrations. Online demand, supply collaboration, and inquiries on quotations with configuration is made simple; all in real-time to enable partners to easily do business with Huawei. Partner service delivery is managed on eISDP portal which serves as a project management tool with one stop information request and delivery status management. Quality and customer satisfaction is managed, along with services lifecycle support.

Victorock is working harder than ever with Huawei to focus on partner enablement and aims to make a difference in this services industry.

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