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With the development of smart devices, more and more applications are running over network. Enterprises of all sizes must ensure connectivity for the increasing number of devices. By leveraging new technologies, Victorock Kenya Limited helps operators improve their network operation efficiency so as to encourage rapid business development. We have partnered with Huawei to provide enterprise solutions such as data center, WAN, branch interconnection and network security among others, helping you to stride towards a fully connected, intelligent world.

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The CloudWAN solution entails the NetEngine AR6000 series routers, AR1000V vCPEs, distributed control component, Agile Controller, third-party orchestrator and other application systems. It offers more than 20 networking models, including mesh, hierarchical, IaaS/SaaS access, traditional MPLS, as well as LAN-side modes such as direct connection, dual-homing and partial-ring. It simplifies your operation and management with full process automation, including Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), orchestration, and fault locating.

Campus Switches

Huawei CloudEngine S12700E range of switches provides ultra-large switching, wired and wireless convergence, full stack openness and smooth upgrade at the core of high-end campus networks. This enables you to create simplified intelligent campus networks that center on service experience. The switches have massive capacity expansion and flexible service upgrade capabilities to protect customer investments and facilitate their long-term network evolution. The switches are ideal for building reliable, secure and trusted campus core. By using a next-generation cell switching architecture, the S12700E switches ensure lossless and non-blocking forwarding on core nodes and guarantee service quality in high-concurrency, large-capacity and high-load environments.


Routers with a large-capacity, high reliability, easy operation and management and low power consumption enable enterprises in various industries to quickly achieve digital transformation.

Huawei enterprise routers are next generation routers dedicated for enterprise customers. The AR G3 series integrates routing, switching, WLAN, voice and security functions in one device, delivered via a multi-core CPU architecture coupled with non-blocking switching infrastructure.

NE Series Routers with high capacity, reliability and intelligence used as international gateways and core nodes on IP backbone and metro networks.

Network Security

Super-high-performance Unified Security Gateway for large data centers, cloud service providers and large-scale enterprise campus environment.

Network promotes Internet development but also bring security holes. Attacks on IP network have become easier overtime. Attacking tools have become automatic such that people with limited computer knowledge can initiate attacks on IP Networks. These network attacks cause losses that affect many companies and even threaten information security of governments. Huawei network security help mitigate network security risks. All enterprises are advised to evaluate functionality and performance of their firewalls for bottlenecks and upgrade their devices before becoming a target of emerging threats.

Next Generation Firewall

The USG9500 series provides industry leading security capabilities and scalability. It integrates traditional firewall functions, VPN, intrusion prevention, antivirus, Data Leak Prevention (DLP), bandwidth management and online behavior management into one device to simplify deployment and improve efficiency. Prevents over 5 million viruses and trojan horses using the high-performance anti-virus engine and daily updated virus signature database. Supports load balancing based on link quality, bandwidth and weight in scenarios where multi-egresses are available. It identifies and prevents 10 types od DDos attacks, such as SYN and UDP flood attacks.

Transport Network

Our transmission equipment is devoted to building Optical Intelligence and tailoring automated, intelligent solutions for specific business scenarios to improve operation and management. It supports TDM, packet and OTN services over a metro or campus optical network, providing cost effective transport solutions. Ultra-Large bandwidth. Provides real time monitoring and intelligent diagnostics on the network at every level every time, covers service, optical channel, fiber failure distance of more than 160km.

Network Management & Analysis Software

The network management and analysis software that integrates the network management, control and analysis functions. Intelligently analyzes collected data to effectively identify connectivity, air interface performance, roaming and device issues. Campus Insight can analyze the root causes and provide trouble shooting suggestions for group issues and individual issues.

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