PBX Installation Relocation & Re-installation

Before embarking on a PBX Telephone Switchboard installation, relocation or reinstallation, a number of important questions need to be asked and answered around the outcomes, details of the new and old locations and what VoIP or Landlines will be need to be used.

Questions to Ask When Installing, Relocating or Removing a Business PBX Switchboard System:
  1. What type of PABX Telecom connectivity (Telephone lines, cabling, VoIP, Fiber) is available and desired at the new site? Is it ready and available at the new location? Lead times on fibre and Telephone Lines can take up to 3 months if not planned correctly.
  2. Does the new site have existing PABX telephony cabling? Who owns the cable if so? Be careful not to arrive at site and find out that the cabling is damaged or not owned or available for use on your PABX Telephone System.
  3. Do you require your existing PABX Switchboard business telephone number to be ported, moved with you to the new site? Your business has most likely built up a lot of good will in your main incoming telephone number, make sure you keep it wherever you go.
  4. What are your goals for the move or change, would you like to take the opportunity to add any new PBX features previously unavailable to your organisation’s PBX solution, or would you simply like to move the existing system as is?
Planning Your PABX Business Phone System Move

It is important to remember that the move of a PABX switchboard must be planned many months in advance. Tasks which need to be considered:

  1. Main Incoming Number porting – make sure you have planned this to the day, lose of your number is a poor reflection on the business and could affect sales.
  2. Fibre trenching and installation for Voice and Data. Often installing fibre can take months, ensure this to has been planned well in advance.
  3. Cabling of the building or offices to be occupied. Your Business telephone system will need connectivity, make sure the cabling for this is ready.
  4. General infrastructure setup ensuring minimum disruption

All of the above need to be considered carefully to ensure a smooth transition to your new site/building/campus. Often organizations underestimate the time and effort required for PBX switchboard moves such as these.

PABX Documentation

Documentation may include application forms and/or VoIP application forms. It is also important to check that landlords agree to fibre trenching/mounting of dishes in the event of a microwave option and any other civil’s work required to install connectivity at your site.

Services Victorock Can Assist With:

Victorock has assisted thousands of businesses in their PABX moves, whether it be a small business entity or a multi-building corporate campus our team of expert PABX technicians and project managers are carefully trained to manage your PBX relocation. Our professional services include:

  1. Cabling and re-cabling businesses
  2. Assisting in dealing with Telkom/VoIP Suppliers
  3. Assisting in PABX number porting
  4. Assisting in the PBX planning process, ensuring maximum uptime
  5. Rehanging and reprogramming PBX switchboards after a move. And much more