Digital transformation is sweeping through and Victorock Kenya Limited is at the forefront to leverage cutting edge technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. ICT firms are obligated to deploy the telecom network faster and more effectively while improving energy efficiency. Victorock has partnered with Huawei a global leading information and telecommunication solution provider to ensure energy utilization becomes simpler through integration with network equipment. Getting telecom and data centre energy systems precisely deployed requires thoughtful planning. We have a professional team that can provide high quality installation services from pre- installation check, hardware installation, basic commissioning, basic acceptance and check the installation quality.

Some of the telecom energy solutions include;

SmartSite Management System (iManager NetEco)

A professional network energy management platform. By means of digitization, networking and intelligentization technologies, it focuses on the lean management of power availability, energy consumption, energy efficiency, operation and management (O&M) business. It ensures efficient and reliable power supply, smooth communication and business and realizes simple and efficient (O&M). Can be used in wireless or fixed communication sites and the Central office.

Integrated Video Site

It provides real-time data backhaul network and power supply for CCTV cameras, which is widely used in Safe City and Smart City. It supports the hybrid use of grid and solar power. Can be deployed at full scenarios from off-grid regions to good grid regions. Some of its features include Lithium battery with long lifespan, Remote unified network management, Protection rating: IP65 and On-site mobile APP, free from on-pole inspection.

SmartSite Management System (SmartSite Management Unit)

SmartSite Management Unit (SCC800) is a field supervision unit for site and power. It adopts ICT technology to realize site digitization, making energy network to be visible and manageable, thus ensuring high power reliability and easy maintenance.

SCC800 is modular designed. It can finish data acquisition, analysis processing, intelligent dispatch and much more for intelligent equipment and environment. Furthermore it; Supports APP to debug and test site, HTTPS encryption for network security preventing hacker attacks and records important log and makes sure important issues are traceable.

Solar Hybrid Power (PowerCube 1000 S1/S2/S3)

It provides excellent performance for sites in off-grid and poor grid areas with abundant sunshine. The system converts solar energy to supply stable electrical power for site equipment. It maximizes the use of solar energy and provides simple, efficient, and reliable power supply for telecom sites.

Diesel Hybrid Power (PowerCube 1000 D1)

An excellent performer in off-grid and poor grid sites with good traffic conditions. An industry-leading DieselMax technology, decreasing fuel consumption. One can also add solar or grid solutions in order to integrate scheduling of multiple energy sources. It can adapt to high and low temperature applications.

Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power (PowerCube 1000 D5)

Mainly used in off-grid areas where diesel generator is the main source.

Grid Hybrid Power (PowerCube 1000 G2/G3/G4)

Used in poor-grid areas. It maximizes the utilization of electrical power, optimizes power supply cost performance to provide simple, efficient and reliable power supply for telecom sites. Huawei GridMax technology achieves “fast charge” hybrid system in two hours.

Central Office (Central Office Power)

Huawei Central Office (CO) power system is the first series of full-digital CO power systems in industry with state-of-the-art design. The system adopts industry-leading rectifier module, which efficiency can be up to 98%. A single cabinet can output 3000 A/180 Kw and expand its power output up to 24,000 A/1,440kW. It can be used in the Central office, Aggregation office, Data centre and Enterprise communication network.

Indoor Site (TPB Series Indoor Power)

Output ranges from 100A to 600A. The series can accommodate high efficiency rectifier modules, have outstanding management functions, and can be flexibly applied in all kinds of indoor scenarios for -48V DC power supply. Can be used in Indoor access layer sites, Indoor aggregation layer sites and Enterprise communication.

Indoor Site 5G Power Indoor Series

They are the new types AC/DC indoor integrated power system designed by Huawei to support 5G network with the features of end-to-end high efficiency supporting modular evolution, intelligent peak shaving and intelligent staggering power, full digitalization and intelligentization. Suitable for scenarios such as 2/3/4G wireless site new-built, 5G expansion and 5G wireless site new built. It provides intelligent management and online remote maintenance reducing site visits and maintenance costs.

Indoor Site 5G Indoor Blade Power

A new type of embedded DC power system developed by Huawei to support 5G communication. It is suitable for scenarios such as wireless site 5G expansion and 5G wireless site new-built. Its features include high power density, dynamic boosting, easy installation and maintenance and full digitalization.

Outdoor Site MTS9000A Outdoor Power

It provides a stable, reliable power supply for wireless coverage and transmission node sites based on the fundamentals of system deployment and maintenance. It covers outdoor scenarios, helps customers deploy sites quickly and save their investment. It offers simple, efficient and reliable performance and efficient operation, management and smooth site evolution. Provides overall energy system and environment monitoring with support for convenient mobile App.

Small Site Distributed Power System

Distributed Power Systems (DPS) is a new generation power solution specialized for compact sites. It can be pole mounted, wall mounted and tower mounted in scenarios such as remote RRU, EasyMacro, Small Cell, LampSite, AtomCell among others. The DPS consists of DC, AC and battery module.

Data Center Facility
Uninterruptible Power System

UPS5000- S Series 50KVA to 800KVA is a modular (UPS) designed for medium and large -sized data centres. It provides reliable and efficient power for critical ICT devices. Efficiency is 95% at 20% load and 96% at 40% load, more suitable for data centre scenarios. Application of the UPS5000-S can cut down power consumption by 50% and reduce electricity costs.

Smart Modular Data Centre

FusionModule 2000 is a highly integrated solution that comprises the power supply, cooling rack and structure cabling. Th structure of the module can be single-row or dual-row, and supports hot or cold aisle containment. It is designed for small to medium sized data centres. Suitable for enterprise HQ or large regional branch, operator, banks, secondary branches, government, education, healthcare among others.

In-row Cooled Cooling Product

NetCol5000-A042 (600mm) is a smart data centre cooling product, easy to expand, match load requirements intelligently and use high supply/return air temperature design. They adopt a variable frequency design 10% to 100% step less capacity regulation.

Prefabricated Data Centre

FusionModule 1000A is an advanced outdoor and prefabricated all-in-one data centre facility solution. It provides reliable, stable and green environment for IT equipment. It can be used in multiple industries and scenarios and meet data centre requirements on energy saving and fast deployment.

Data Center Facility Management System

NetEco6000 manages the real-time data and status of data centre facility including power, environment, CCTV and much more. It generates alarm if any fault occurs. It supports remote management and provides functional assets, capacity, energy efficiency, alarms, reports among others to give you convenience and good experience.