1. AN-MPSG series lithium battery portable solar generator
2. The latest design of lithium battery storage solar solution
3. MPPT controller
4. Small size and light weight

Product Detail

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Model MPSG-500W MPSG-1000W
Battery Rated Voltage 12V 24V
Input Voltage Range 160-275V
Input Frequency 45-65Hz
Output Voltage 220VAC
Output Frequency 50/60Hz
Output Wave Sine Wave
Specification of Built-in Lithium Battery 50AH 100AH
Communication RS232
Solar Panel Rated Power 240W 480W
Max. PV Voltage ≤25VDC ≤50VDC
Range Of Charging Voltage 10-25VDC 20-50VDC
Rated Charge Current 20A(MPPT)
Voltage For Overcharge Protection 14.2VDC 28.4VDC
Voltage For Overcharge Recovery 14VDC 28VDC
Voltage For Floating Charge 13.7VDC 27.4VDC
Voltage For High Voltage Protection 16VDC 32VDC
High Voltage Recovery Voltage 15.2VDC 30.2VDC
Low Voltage Recovery Voltage 12.6VDC 25.2VDC
Low Voltage Protecton Voltage 11VDC 22VDC
5VDC USB Output 2Pieces /MAX 2A
12VDC Output Ports 2Pieces /MAX 2A
Heat Dissipation/Cooling Temperature control by intelligent exhaust fan
Display Digital LCD Digital LCD
Electricity Charging Yes Yes
External Size:W*D*H(mm 420*220*270 430*230*320
Package Size:W*D*H(mm) 507*295*355 512*310*405
5KW Off-grid (with Grid Switch) Solar System
5KW Off-grid (with Grid Switch) Solar System
System Basic Information: Suggested for 24hrs Power Consumption <23KWH
Rated Loads Capacity 5000W
Solar Panel Type: Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module
Max Power: 330W
Vmp: 38.2V; Imp: 8.64A
Size: 1956*992*40mm
25 years power output guarantee
QTY 16 Pieces System Working Principle:

This system uses batteries to store the solar energy, at the same time, the system can be connected with the grid for utilization of grid power optionally. The system uses battery power in priority, but when sunshine is not so good or loads consumption is too big which caused the battery power inadequacy, then the system can switch automatically to grid power supply. When the batteries restore capacity, the system can switch back to battery power source.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Price: EXW Guangzhou.
  2. Payment: 100% on order. Negotiable for big order.
  3. Package: Export standard package suitable for tough handling and sea transport.
  4. Delivery: Goods to be ready within 7~30 days depending on order quantity.
  5. Warranty: 10 years for solar panel, 2 years for controller/inverter/battery.
  6. Certification: CE,ROHS
  7. Validity: 30 days.
Controller PV Charging Controller 96V 60A;
Rated 5KW solar input, 96Vdc output;
PMW charging type, LCD display, intelligent control.
Temperature compensation;
Protections: short circuit, deep discharge, input surge voltage, over current.
QTY 1 Piece
PV Array Combiner Simplify wiring between PV array and controller, protections to controller, features:
– Wide range of DC input voltage
– IP65 guard level, suitable for outdoor
– Reliable thunderstorm & surge protection
– Multiple PV strings inputs (6 strings)
QTY 1 Piece
Inverter DC96V input, AC220V/110V 1-phase output, 50/60Hz;
Rated Output Capacity: 5000W
Pure sine-wave output, off-grid with grid power switch type, with transformer.
• Various Protections: Short circuit, overload, surge current, over temperature, over/under voltage, lightning, reverse polarity.
QTY 1 Piece
Battery 12V/250AH per piece
AGM valve-regulated lead-acid battery, fully sealed, deep cycle, free maintenance type
Service Life: 5~6 years
QTY 8 Pieces
Solar Panel Rack Roof type mounting rack including complete fittings, aluminum alloy

(Rack can be customized per request)

QTY 1 Set
Cables International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, PV1-F-1*4 series QTY 50m
Cables International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, BVR-1*10 series QTY 40m

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