Toshiba TCx 300 Point of Sale System

Toshiba TCx 300 Point of Sale System

The TCx 300 POS system was made for retailers that need to optimize their counter space but refuse to compromise on performance and efficiency. Designed for retail, this point-of-sale system is made to handle the challenge – all in a compact footprint. Meet the TCx™ 300.

TCx™ 300
  • Small, compact size for space-saving flexibility
  • Powered by 8th & 9th Generation Intel® Core™ S-series processors for enhanced performance
  • Virtually tool-free access to key components make repairs and peripheral upgrades easier
  • Energy-conscious features can save your business up to 37 percent* in energy costs
  • Low-maintenance design prolongs device life
Designed for Retail

Toshiba TCx™ 700 and TCx™ 300 POS systems deliver the performance and flexibility your retail environment demands.

Thanks to its small footprint and flexible configurations, retailers don’t have to design their store layouts around the TCx 300. This compact point of sale system can live in a variety of places on the checkout counter, allowing space for valuable up-sell items at the cash wrap, promotional signage and more.

But don’t let its small footprint fool you.

This retail-hardened point of sale system takes performance to a new level. With low-maintenance features, a service lifecycle up to seven years and highly scalable technology that integrates with legacy systems, the TCx 300 POS System is designed to fit retailer’s diverse needs.

Measuring at less than 11 inches wide, it is sized right for any checkout environment
Embedded Intel 8th and 9th Generation S-series processors for better graphics and faster checkout lines
Virtually tool-free access to key components make repairs and peripheral upgrades easier
Deep sleep mode and low maintenance configuration help conserve energy
Key Prerequisites

Hardware Models

361, E61, 371, E71, 381, E81, 391, E91


4 GB (64GB max on 361, 371, E61 and E71)
8 GB (64GB max on 381, 391, E81 and E91)


1 TB available
128 GB SSD, 256 GB SSD or 512 GB SSD optional (Dual slots available)

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