UbiBot® MS1P is a compact infrared motion sensor that allows you to detect movement and occupancy in your target environment. It monitors the environment all day round and automatically syncs all the data to the UbiBot® IoT Platform, which gives you access to both real-time and historical data through the UbiBot App or Web Console platform from anywhere in the world.

This motion sensor can detect even the slightest movement of humans or animals. UbiBot ® IoT Platform offers advanced data analysis and management. It allows you to set up real-time notifications — if there is any movement, you will receive alerts via the app, email, SMS, voice call, and HTTP, allowing you to respond promptly before costly damage happens.

UbiBot® MS1P works with IFTTT (if this then that), Alexa, and Google Home, allowing you to build custom links with other smart devices. For example, you will be able to set the light to turn on and off as people enter and leave the room.

UbiBot® MS1P features multiple power supply and network connection options. It supports two types of connection: 2.4 GHz WiFi and Rj45 Ethernet, and three types of power supply: Micro USB, RJ45 cable powered supply, AC-220 V.

Ubibot Motion Sensor MS1P Case Study

  • Remote infrared motion sensor, up to 12 meters detection distance
  • Wide detection range: horizontal 105 degrees, vertical 40 degrees
  • 2 types of network connection: 2.4 GHz WiFi and RJ45 cable, no hubs or gateways required
  • Free App & Web Console to access and monitor real-time data remotely, no subscription fee
  • Multiple ways of receiving real-time alerts: App notifications, emails, phone calls, SMS, HTTP
  • Working with IFTTT, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Sheet
  • Easy setup with free UbiBot App or PC tools
  • Keep your home, office, warehouse safe and under guard
  • Three types of power supply: Micro USB, RJ45 cable powered supply, AC-220 V; stable working conditions and easy deployment ensured
  • Compliance with CE, FCC, FDA CFR21, IC, RoHS

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