The Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe efficiently monitors the temperature and moisture of soil. With an embedded industrial-grade chip, the probe offers accurate measurement. The stainless-steel probe can be inserted into the soil for a long term without corroding. The durable cable ensures stable data transmission.

The Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe measures soil moisture content based on the frequency domain reflection method (FDR).

The probe comes with a Micro USB or a 3.5 mm audio plug. The Micro USB plug works with WS1 Pro, the audio plug works with GS1 and SP1 series.

The measurements are transferred to the devices, displayed on the LCD screen, and synced to UbiBot Cloud Platform via the WiFi/GSM/Ethernet network; this allows you to access the data instantly on the screen and remotely via the UbiBot App or Web Console.

The moisture readings on the Web Console can be switched between Relative Moisture and Absolute Moisture. You can configure the display on the Web Console.

UbiBot TH30S-B Probe (MicroUSB) 3M Case Study

Application Instructions:

For a short single use:

Insert the steel probe point vertically into the soil at your preferred depth. Hold the probe tightly to prevent shaking. Avoid touching stones or any other hard objects because that can damage the probe. Please wait for about 20 minutes to allow the sensors to start working properly.

For a long-time use buried in soil:

Dig a hole of over 20 cm in diameter in the ground or soil in your greenhouse. Lay the steel probe horizontally into the hole. Leave the probe in the soil. Access the data collected by the probe remotely.

About moisture readings:

All the UbiBot Soil Temperature and Moisture Probes have been calibrated in the factory. Calibration including data points is conducted by placing the probe in the air to reach the minimum of 0% moisture and in pure water to reach the maximum of 100% moisture. The default readings are Absolute Moisture readings. If you prefer Relative Moisture, please go to the Web Console to set it up.

If you have strict requirements for measurement accuracy, and you want to achieve the highest accuracy, you will need to use UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool with USB-RS485 Adapter to periodically calibrate the probe.

  • Soil temperature and moisture monitoring
  • RS485 ModBus Protocol makes sure data transmission is accurate and stable
  • Supporting Absolute Moisture and Relative Moisture switching
  • Can be calibrated with UbiBot Probe Calibration Tool
  • Measuring Temperature Range: -40 °C~+85 °C; Measuring Moisture Range : 0~50% (Absolute Moisture)
  • Accuracy: <±0.4 °C; ±3% (0-50%); ±5% (>50%)
  • Working with WS1 Pro, GS1 series, and SP1
  • IP68

– Only one Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe can be connected to a UbiBot device at a time.
– Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe should be connected to the lower USB port (USB2) on the WS1 Pro device.
– The Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe is disabled by default. Please enable it in “Settings” in the App or the Web Console after connecting the probe to the device. The button “RS485 S” refers to the Soil Temperature and Moisture Probe. The GS1 device doesn’t need this operation.
– This product is designed to work exclusively with UbiBot devices.


The probe’s end is very sharp. Be careful when using it and keep it away from children.
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