UWB-based real-time indoor tracking solutions with 30cm accuracy

UbiTrack® UWB

Positioning System

UbiTrack® is an integrated multi-dimensional indoor positioning solution, featuring high accuracy, flexibility and low cost.

The system enables access to functions such as real-time positioning, tracking playback, high-speed camera linkage, accurate face recognition, electronic fence alarm and so on. Configuration and deployment takes just four steps: deploying the positioning anchors, configuring the software, uploading the floor plan, and setting up the positioning tags.

Technical Features

Industry-leading techniques ensure you get positions measured in centimetres, not metres. Our in-house design team will work with you to customise the system to your requirements.


Technical Overview

Our UbiTrack combines the TWR and TDOA protocols with our innovative algorithm to achieve high precision tracking. The system uses one or more anchor nodes which are able to support large numbers of tracking tags. Our online platform offers you tracking and monitoring wherever you are, and can store petabytes of positional data.

Our Products

Starter Kit

Positioning Anchors

Positioning Tags

Our Platform

Real-time Accurate Position Display

Real-time Accurate Position Display Electronic Fence

Tag information, digital display of moving status, tracking tag position in real-time.

Electronic Fence

Customize fence position, shape, docking permission, enter / leave fence alarm, link to camera to generate behavior report.

Historical Track Playback

Single or multiple tags for multiple speed track playback at any time, smart screening without removal of no positioning data period.

Use cases

Our UbiTrack uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to achieve centimeter-level accuracy. Our read-to-use products include wireless tracking badges and tamper-proof wristbands, which are ideal for use in hospitals, smart buildings and prisons. We also offer tags with built-in environmental monitoring which are perfect for logistics and warehousing.

Custody Monitoring

Hospitals & Care Homes


Sports Field

Smart Buildings

IoT Product Family


UWB-based real-time indoor tracking solutions with 30cm accuracy


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