Victorock Video Surveillance Solutions

Victorock Video Surveillance solutions aim to provide world class surveillance solutions for enterprises across various sectors. Being a solution provider company catering to a wide range of customers, we understand the varying requirements from different industries. Distinct from offering generic solutions, Victorock emphasizes on providing industry specific solutions and even custom designed solutions to its customers. With growing risks of security threats, what multi-location enterprises need at the hour is not disparate security systems, but a centralized IP based video surveillance solution which can be connected to endless locations and can work in sync with all other solutions being already used by the enterprise.

Besides providing industry specific solutions, we also offer integrated solutions to our customers by integrating their existing solutions like weighbridge software, access control Systems, fire alarm, intruder alarm, POS system, etc. with Victorock IP Video Surveillance solution. This enables them to exercise greater control over their systems, thereby increasing output manifolds.

Centralized IP based video surveillance system such as Victorock not only integrates all functions of video surveillance but also enhances effectiveness of these functions ensuring better security, safety, visibility and control.

All in all, Victorock Video Surveillance is an integrated, intelligent, modular, flexible, scalable and robust video management system designed specifically for large and growing organizations.

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