Video Surveillance for Perimeter Security

Security, in general sense, is about preventing crime. The question is at what point can the crime be prevented? In the most idealistic scenarios, it should be prevented just at the thought of it. But in a real-life scenario, it can only be identified and prevented at the outermost points of your premises, i.e., the perimeter. Therefore, perimeter security is the most important aspect while selecting a security solution for your premises. Most solutions available in the market are dumb solutions that require continuous monitoring, or in cases when they give real-time notification, most of the times, they end up giving false notifications. Perimeter security requires a smart solution that can ensure foolproof security at the same time preventing false notifications. Victorock Video Surveillance offers a comprehensive perimeter security, ensuring no intruders get past the boundary of your premises.

  • Preventive Security
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Prevention of False Alarms
  • Bird’s Eye View with PTZ Camera
  • Easy Monitoring Options

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