Our Warehouse

Want to have your products safely stored safely? with our warehousing You can store product for your business at our warehouse and we will fulfill your orders and deliver products to your business when you need them.

Our warehouse is secured to double your protection from theft or damage. We also offer easy access to your warehouse-stored belongings with a simple 24-hour advance phone call. When you’re ready for your product call and We’ll be happy to arrange delivery.

How it works

1.Send us or call us to pick your products You can give us a call and we will pick up the containers and deliver them safely to our warehouse. When we receive your package we will notify you.

The standard information we record is:

  •  Sender’s name
  • Parcel weight
  • Parcel size
  • Unique reference number

2.We Stock Them We receive your shipment and stock your products in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse where they will remain as long as you need.

3.Delivery Need items out of warehouse storage? Arrange it with a phone call and we will take products you need from our warehouse and deliver the items to intended destination. 

Why choose Victorock warehousing

  • Same day fulfillment. Orders placed by 12pm are delivered on the same day
  • Affordable pricing. Friendly prices for warehousing and cost effective delivering.
  • Friendly support team. Ready to answer all your questions at any time.

What can you store at our warehouse

  • Electronics,
  • Accessories
  • And much more
  • We don’t accept perishable goods.