Work Flow Automation

Cut your administrative work in half with workflow automation. Bypass your inbox, auto-assign tasks, and trigger actions in your other apps. Put your CRM data to work.

Top Features
  • Workflow Automation
  • Webhooks
  • Email Templates
  • Autofilling Fields

Auto-send emails to anyone

Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions, frees up time by sending emails on your behalf. Build workflow rules for virtually any situation and record type in your CRM. Messages can go out to your leads, clients, vendors, contractors, and in-house staff without opening your inbox. Our workflow technology is constantly monitoring CRM activity in the context of your workflow rules. When a rule is met, the system sends the email for you. It’s that simple.

Automate data entry

To bring your workflows to life, Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions lets you build your own email templates. Templates can pull in first names, last names, salutations, organization details, and other field data. As emails go out, the system inserts the values from each recipient’s record. This creates a personalized touch without all the work. The system also tracks your open rates, successful deliveries, click-throughs, and other metrics, ensuring your message is actually resonating.

Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions even update other records. For example, the system can mark a lead as “contacted” once an email workflow has run. As leads are converted to opportunities, Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions can update the record owner and assign the correct pipeline. Get better data without pestering your staff.

Assign tasks to any team member

Improve productivity through automated delegation. Let Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions assign task sequences for each new lead, ensuring your reps remember to follow up. When opportunities are won, the system can instantly create a linked project, task set, and kick-off event. No more waiting around for “next steps” – Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions reduces downtime by keeping your team productive.

Do (literally) anything with workflow webhooks

Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions can automate other aspects of your business, too. In addition to sending emails and updating records, a workflow can also add a new webhook. This opens up limitless possibilities, especially when integrating to the third-party apps you already use. Send an SMS text message, create a shared document, update a team chat room, or trigger a direct mail campaign. The sky’s the limit when working with Victorock’s Work Flow Automation solutions webhooks.

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