Sophos Firewall

Sophos Firewalls

Sophos XG Series hardware appliances are purpose-built with the latest multi-core Intel technology, generous RAM provisioning, and solid-state storage. Whether you’re protecting a small business or a large datacenter, you’re getting industry leading price:performance, and the ultimate in flexibility, connectivity and reliability in every form factor.


Guide to Buying a PBX Telephone System

The purchase of a modern PABX Telephone System or Switchboard Solution represents an important process for any modern business. The incoming voice solution for any business is often the first impression a customer or supplier has of that organisation and it is critical that it is a favourable one.

Teleman Call Billing Telephony Management System

Teleman Call Billing System

With Teleman Auto-Budget every individual telephone user (PIN or extension) and department will to be allocated a monthly telephone budget or ceiling.


Moving Your Business PABX?

Before embarking on a PBX Telephone Switchboard installation, relocation or re-installation, a number of important questions need to be asked and answered around the outcomes, details of the new and old locations and what VoIP or landlines will be need to be used.